IT Services

Online communications, hosting, and networks all play an important part in business operations, particularly with online platforms. Keeping your IT systems up to date and running efficiently will ensure your business has a stable foundation to work from.

IT services provide on-going support as well initial start-up help. Expert management of your email, cabling, cloud, hardware and software will enhance your business performance. IT support can also be invaluable in terms of security, with back up and threat monitoring services preventing hackers and viruses entering your system.

Our partner provides comprehensive IT services to give your business the technological capability required for its operations. This includes unlimited desk support, free virus protection, Microsoft Windows operating system support, remote support and assistance, in-house hardware and software support, and service level agreement.

Universal Company Incorporations fully understand that your business objectives, IT requirements, and budget will change as your business develops and expands. Our team provide bespoke and flexible IT support services tailored to address all of your current and future requirements.

Universal Company Incorporations is always on hand to guide you through all of the stages of forming a new enterprise or expanding an existing company in multiple countries. Please don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 208 421 7471 or contact us via the website for help and advice.