European Company Formation

The continent of Europe comprises 50 countries and a huge diversity of culture, language, and politics. Of these European countries, 27 are members of the European Union which regulates the political and economic systems of these collective states.

Four EU member states are in the top ten richest countries in the world. The EU allows for accessibility throughout European countries in terms of immigration, currency, and trading. It is also facilitative to business and choosing to set up a company in any EU member state will open the door to a vast and varied consumer market.

Throughout Europe there is a high standard of banking and well-structured regulations. Western Europe in particular offers world class banking facilities in conjunction with strong and stable economies. Eastern European countries may not be as developed as the wealthier west but can be advantageous in business terms due to their low labour costs and incentives designed to attract foreign investment.

Universal Company Incorporations has extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of European company formation. We have local offices in the key jurisdictions as well as team of local specialists to assist with local languages, cultural difficulties, and business practices. Our team will fully support your incorporation, enabling you to expertly navigate foreign company law and meet your specific business requirements.

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