Californian Company Formation

California is one of the biggest states in the US and has the greatest GDP. The Golden State is popular for its great weather and beautiful beaches but also has a strong economy and a diverse population. Investors can benefit from the intellectual capital, financial acumen, transportation systems and market access which make California one of the most efficient places to do business in the world.

Universal Company Incorporations will help you establish the best Californian corporate structure for your core business. Our team will manage your incorporation fully, reducing your business costs and providing a proactive approach to the development and expansion of your business in the US.

Company Set Up

Confidentiality is a key aspect of Californian company law. Details of the business such as the names of company shareholders are not available on public record and asset protection is provided for company shareholders when setting up a business, meaning that they are not held personally liable for company debts.

The business environment in California gives companies a lot of flexibility. This allows corporations to buy, sell, transfer, or give shares of their own stock for finances, services, or property. Flexibility in management allows one person to fill the three major positions of chief financial officer, company president and secretary.


State taxation in California is considerably less than federal taxation, with Corporation Tax at just 9%, compared to 35% at federal level. There are also reductions and exemptions available for certain types of company and business operations.

California also has an Enterprise Zone Program consisting of Enterprise Zones (EZs), Targeted Tax Area (TTAs), and Manufacturing Enhancement Areas (MEAs). These zones offer various tax benefits and local incentives to encourage business and create jobs in certain areas of the state.

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