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Washington DC Company Formation



Washington DC is the capital of the United States and hosts all three branches of the federal government, including Congress, the President, and Supreme Court. Various foreign embassies are also located in the state, as well as the headquarters of many international organisations. The economy is strong and diverse, based on government and professional business services. Education, finance, and scientific research are also economic contributors.

Universal Company Incorporations will ensure your incorporation runs efficiently. Our team will manage all your business requirements and reduce your business costs by forming a sustainable corporate structure in the state.

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The types of company available in Washington DC include Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, and Corporation. Each has a different registration process and requirements.

A business plan is required for all types of company, in addition to business registration with the Corporations Division of the Business and Professional Licensing Administration of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs in Washington DC.

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Income taxes in Washington DC are calculated through marginal tax brackets. State income tax in Washington DC has a maximal marginal tax rate of 8.95%.

Tax deductions of state taxes are available to certain companies or individuals. These are usually expenses deducted from the gross income before tax is applied.

Sales Tax in Washington DC is one of the most beneficial areas of taxation, applied at a rate of 6% on the retail sale of personal property.

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