Netherlands Company Formation

The Netherlands offers a liberal trade and investment policy, stable and successful economy, and multi lingual and professional workforce. In terms of taxation foreign investors can benefit from the favourable tax regime and network of double taxation treaties. Dutch bureaucracy is complex however, particularly with regard to labour laws. Compliance with these is necessary to avoid charges.

Universal Company Incorporations understand the complexity of Dutch laws and have experience in compliance. Our team will fully support your incorporation, giving you the flexibility to compete in the Dutch market and increase your profitability.

Company Set Up Options

The types of company that foreign investors can choose to incorporate in the Netherlands vary greatly in size, business suitability, and share capital requirements.

There are four main forms popular with foreign investors incorporating in the Netherlands:

  • Public Limited Company (NV)
  • Private Limited Company (BV)
  • Partnerships
  • Branches

Regulatory Environment

Labour laws in the Netherlands are extremely strict and heavily regulated. Businesses employing staff must comply with the necessary regulations, which vary on the number of employees. Employing more than 35 workers requires the company to establish a works council for consultation on work issues. The civil court or relevant government body are involved in the procedures of dismissal for employees, and employment contracts require legal advice. However, foreign investment and taxation is relatively relaxed, with few restrictions in place.

Banking Facilities and Financial Incentives

The Dutch capital city of Amsterdam is the banking hub of the country, boasting world-class financial facilities. Most major international banks are represented in the Netherlands and business funding can also be obtained from specialist agencies. For example, the National Investment Bank focuses on medium and long term lending, equity investment and capital market activities, and the Industrial Fund provides risk-bearing capital to the larger high-tech companies.

In terms of financial incentives, both the Dutch government and local authorities offer a range of benefits for foreign investors. These are mainly based on the location of the company. EU funds are also available and new businesses are supported by the government-run regional development corporations.

Staff Recruitment

As shown above, Dutch labour laws are complex and legal advice should be obtained to ensure complete compliance. The Dutch workforce is highly skilled, well educated, and comprehensively multilingual, although the unemployment rate is low. This makes recruitment challenging, but local recruitment agencies will be able to help you find the best staff to drive your Dutch business expansion.

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