Ready Made Companies

Buying a ready made company is an alternative to setting up a company from scratch. It eliminates much of the initial risk involved, and with many new businesses failing before the first five years of trading it is easy to see why this can be a viable option.

The major benefit of buying a ready made company is avoiding the difficult first stages of setting up a new company. A ready made company comes with:

  • The credibility of a strong track record
  • Proof of reliability
  • Good standing
  • A healthy cash flow

…all of which usually take years to establish. This bypasses the huge amount of administration, costs, time and effort required in the first stages and means the set up timescale is considerably shorter.

Ready made companies are available to buy all over the world, with varying ages and histories. When looking for a ready made company you should consider what your business requirements are, which sector you will be operating in, and where in the world you want to be located. The procedures for purchasing a readymade company vary with country and it is important to be aware of the local legislation before implicating your business.

Our Solution

Universal Company Incorporations provide expert services for buying ready made companies worldwide. Our team will support you throughout the process, from sourcing the actual company to managing the name change and legalities. We will ensure the process runs efficiently and professionally, reducing your business costs and increasing your productivity.


We currently have ready made companies available in the following jurisdictions:

Austria                              Germany                              Portugal

Belgium                             Gibraltar                              Romania

Bulgaria                             Ireland                                 Slovakia

Cyprus                               Latvia                                    Spain

Czech Republic               Lithuania                             Switzerland

Estonia                              Luxembourg                       Netherlands

France                               Poland                                   UK

Please contact us for specific information regarding the age, form and price of companies in these countries.

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